Plastic Bottle

Bottle Kick

Kick Bottle

234 PC

Bottle Kale

Kale Bottle

252 PC/128 PC

Bottle Spray

Spray Bottle

100 PC/110 PC

Bottle White Spray

White Spray Bottle

100 PC

Bottle Almond

Almond Bottle

98 PC

Sub Almond

Sub Bottle

48/78 PC

Sub Almond

PS Bottle

100 PC

Cimmory Bottle

Cimory Bottle

100 PC

Labor Bottle

Labor Bottle (Black/White)

98/100 PC

Custom Bottle

Custom Bottle Available

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About Us

Inti Karya Makmur was established in 2013 to serve the packaging needs of Indonesians

We use only premium materials and techniques that conform to international standards and environmental guidelines.

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